Upscaling & Upgrading Unconventional field

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Unconventional HCs full field development and upgrading:

  • Operator projected upscaling of two greenfield projects from pilot to factory mode, which required the upgrading and expansion of facilities such as well-pads, gathering network, and EPF
  • Diverse fluid compositions from exploratory wells of two fields
  • Facilities required to process the commingled production from two oilfields


  • Become independent from 3rd party’s facilities for fluid processing
  • Reuse existing pipeline network to export gross production to 3rd party as part of oilfield’s new gathering network for diverse GOR and WC scenarios
  • As much as possible, utilize out- off-the-shelf equipment and adapt to the project when/where necessary.
  • Operator required reusing and adapting the engineering design of a former project executed in another country, for different fluid composition and conditions, to optimize resources and project delivery.
  • Address high salinity issues
  • Address high wax content in oil with high WAT
  • Flexibility to operate at:
    • Various inlet compositions
    • Different pressure scenarios to optimize liquids HCs production along with the oilfield life

Project Development

  • Analysis of well-pad and gathering system network for each operational scenario, including flow assurance scenarios (e.g., slugs, hydrates, and wax deposition)
  • Upgraded standard equipment design from other facilities to address desalting issues
  • Pressure sensitivity analysis to maximize oil recovery
  • CAPEX and OPEX estimation


  • Repurposed the existing pipeline network
  • Repurposed available equipment for different design conditions
  • Equipment definition and sizing covering over 80% reuse between different operating pressures
  • Operating pressure optimized to maximize oil recovery with a focus on minimizing power consumption
  • NPV optimized for multiple operational scenarios
  • Proposed sensitivity analysis of extended operating pressure scenarios, aside the operator’s early assumptions, singled out the most cost-effective solution.
  • Breakeven achieved 4 months before operator’s alternative
  • Flow-assurance results allowed upgrading standard slug-catcher design for sustained EPF operation

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