Remote Black Oil Full Field Development Project

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Black Oil full field development project:

  • Black oil greenfield project on isolated non-connected block required full field development including wellhead facilities, gathering network with tank batteries to collect gross production from block’s producing areas, produced water injection network, CPF, truck loading facilities, truck unloading – Oil Storage & lease custody transfer metering facilities
  • Junior operator with lean structure, no operating field and no cash flow generation until field production is initiated


  • Basin edge project, which implies increased geological risks and limited data on fluid properties
  • Complex field topography
  • Diverse development and ramp-up scenarios to cope with market conditions, funding, and availability of drilling equipment
  • Remote location, which implies limited access to field and construction professional services
  • Tight budget tied to exploratory success plus cash flow generation of forthcoming oil production
  • Required flexible design

Project Development

  • Definition of well pad facilities plus extended test equipment
  • Optimized gathering network defined after wells grid design considering block delimitation requirements, topography challenges and early development of promissory areas
  • Block divided into producing areas to stage the investment demands and optimize the transport of gross production based on distances and field topography
  • Designed tank battery for each producing area for gathering gross production, primary separation, and production transfer
  • Designed integrated tank battery with features for future expansion into CPF and with early dewatering capabilities to reduce the cost of trucking production to storage and transfer facilities in 3rd party’s block.


  • Embedded fully staged design to cope with diverse and possible project acceleration scenarios according to budget and HCs production success
  • Simple to operate, flexible, robust, and expandable facilities concept developed for operation with available unskilled crews.

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