Unconventional Play Development Scenarios Modeling

Table of Contents


Business Case Scenarios Modeling for Midstream Company:

  • Midstream company established on unconventional HCs basin required an extensive study to decide upon a convenient business model for the development of gathering and processing alternatives for multiple exploitation scenarios of several producers distributed across an extensive area.
  • Business model would have to consider:
    • Gathering facilities
    • Processing facilities
    • Production metering and allocation facilities
    • Collection, transfer, and export pipeline networks
    • Required investments and operational costs.


  • Limited time to develop multiple scenarios that required technical solutions and cost estimation to define the business model
  • Built-in flexibility for future expansions, to handle incremental production from customers and to incorporate potential new operators
  • Manage uncertainty in third party’s production forecasts plus fluid properties

Project Development

  • Assessment of multiple production scenarios
  • Fluids characterization and determination of blended fluids properties
  • Defined multiple gathering, processing, and fluids transfer alternatives
  • Defined most convenient and flexible process schemes
  • Sizing of main equipment
  • Cost estimation to determine CAPEX/OPEX to weigh different alternatives


  • Scalable and upgradeable facilities designed to maximize business model opportunities
  • Generated multiple design scenarios providing quality information to the midstream operator to reassess the business model accordingly with E&P operators entering or leaving the network.

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