Integrated CPF for Two Unconventional Fields development

Table of Contents


CPF Complex Unconventional HC:

  • Isolated green-field development of two nearby unconventional oil fields required processing facilities for gas – oil – produced water – slop streams – freshwater – power generation


  • High GOR oil resulted in high yields of a rich gas stream
  • High salinity posed challenges to the desalting process
  • Auto & inter incompatible HCs produced emulsifying HC solid aggregates
  • Isolated fields with no nearby infrastructure
  • Market context and geological uncertainties conditioned investment options, which required staged and scalable facilities to cope with production success and funds availability

Project Development

  • Assessment of different processing schemes and main processing equipment technologies
  • Defined project staging and modularization to match investment curve while addressing production and investment uncertainties
  • Cost estimation to weight options versus operational advantages


  • Evolutive design composed of modules and trains allowed facility growth both in capacity and treatment intensity to cope with production demands, sales objectives, and CAPEX constraints.
  • Maximized saleable HCs streams with no emissions and no burning of rich gas streams
  • Embedded HCs stabilization process with power generation capabilities to reduce GHG emissions
  • Auto power generation capabilities + surplus for implementation of a gas-to-wire solution
  • Minimized freshwater consumption
  • Process embedded with solids and waste management system to reduce effluents

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