High CO2 Gas Dehydration – Troubleshooting & Upgrading

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Dehydration of gas stream with high CO2 concentration

  • Several non-identified issues hindered the process stabilization and resulted in:
    • Difficulties to achieve water content spec on treated gasCrystals formed in downstream JT unitHigh TEG consumption


  • After operator and several service companies were unable to identify the underlying factors causing the process upsets, it became critical to provide a definitive solutionMulticausal problem required a holistic approach to identify a proper solution.Technical and operational experience required to fully address the matter

Project Development

  • Field diagnostic identified the multiple variables with impact on the process performance including operational conditions such as high gas temperature & high pressure, high CO2 concentration, compressor’s lube-oil carryover to contacting tower, foaming, and equipment bottlenecks among others.Team was able to present several short-term and long-term solutions to address the issues


  • Roughly two weeks after the customer contacted us, the short-term solutions were implemented and reductions in TEG consumption and replenish frequency were achieved reducing operating costsAfter plant turnaround, the long-term solution was implemented, and the expected results in terms of product quality were achieved

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