SAGD Extra-Heavy crude oil Full Field Development Project

Table of Contents

Type / Description

Extra-Heavy Crude Oil (API 6 – 8)

  • Field divided into two blocks
  • Leased to two operators with assigned production targets
  • Operators had to prove the technical and economic feasibility of their field development and operational strategy
  • The winner takes it all


  • Selected extraction technology Huff & Puff SAGD
  • TPF built to process produced fluids
  • Wide temperature fluctuations of the produced fluids at TPF inlet resulted in complex operational issues, rendering a sustained field operation unfeasible
  • High gas temp. resulted in frequent compressor trips
  • Lack of means to export the extracted gas resulted in a production shut-in
  • During these events, the production cooled down in the trunk lines
  • Difficulties experienced to resume production due to viscosity increment on
    production lines

Project Development

  • Onsite field diagnosis
  • Process reconfiguration with minor modifications of existing equipment (1 week)


  • The operator was able to resume production and stabilize the process
  • Production goals were surpassed (doubled)
  • The operator was awarded the contract to take over the whole field
  • TSP was awarded the full field development project
  • Takeaway: development of process alternatives enables economic production in marginal fields

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