Tankless Facility Concept for Full Field Development Project

Table of Contents


Tankless full field development project for unconventional oilfield:

  • Greenfield development
  • 15 wells pads spread out across an ample area
  • Constrained investment timeline


  • Significant production of associated gas
  • Stringent GHG emission regulations
  • Treated fluids (gas, oil, water) to comply with midstream specs
  • Stringent RVP specs
  • Staged development required to match investment curve

Project Development

  • Assessment of configuration alternatives for the gathering network for multiphasic and single-phase options
  • Development of distributed and centralized processing facilities alternatives
  • CAPEX and OPEX assessment to weight options
  • Design of all the required process equipment


  • Developed tankless facilities concept to reduce emissions
  • Designed modular facilities concept to allow investment constraints and track production objectives
  • Embedded equipment relocation schedule to reduce CAPEX
  • Take-Away: future proof, reliable facilities developed to minimize upfront CAPEX, immobilized HCs stock and reduced total carbon footprint

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