Brown Field Partial Treatment for Improved Oil Recovery

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Partial Dewatering, Light Water Treatment, and Water Injection Facility:

  • Massive brown-field under secondary & EOR development projects
  • High water flow rates pumped around the field increased OPEX and CAPEX
  • Large, complex, and expensive dewatering and water treatment facilities designed for +100,000 bbl./d built to reinject PW close to where it was produced


  • Extended time to “fill-up” the facilities, resulted in extended periods of operation in turndown regimes
  • Longer time to repay the investment
  • Not all the water was required close to the producing area resulting in complex water balances and water transfer networks
  • Reduce footprint
  • Simplify the process
  • Modularize
  • Treat only the amount of water required in the area and bypass the remainder downstream to the CPF

Project Development

  • Field water balance developed to determine areas requiring additional capacity
  • Determined the best capacity for the new modular design
  • Determined the best locations
  • Several process schemes were developed and assessed, including pressurized and atmospheric, tankless, and inline separation designs


  • Optimized existing capacity across the field minimizing investments in new facilities or expansions of existing ones
  • New modules designed for +30,000 bbl./d, therefore, investments could be staged
  • Simplified process arrangement with minimal controls
  • Partial treatment design allowed treating only what is needed locally for reinjection thus reducing pumping costs and operational complexity.
  • Take-Away: wide-angle perspective allowed a thorough analysis to maximize capacity and optimize future investments

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