Fast-Track Remote Greenfield Development in sensitive area

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Fast-track project for remote greenfield development in a sensitive area:

  • Greenfield development required project acceleration due to superb results in exploratory wells plus assumed commitments with leasing authority
  • Oilfield in remote, environmentally, and socially sensitive area
  • No nearby infrastructure
  • Junior operator with limited access to financial support and a lean structure with limited capabilities for project development and execution


  • Develop EPF with readily available equipment in the market to handle unexpected high yield wells
  • EPF ready for future expansion to cope with an accelerated and expanded drilling plan
  • Provide the capability to deal with future high flow rates of produced water
  • Limited time frame to build facilities on-site due to seasonal weather constraints
  • Limited fieldwork due to restricted access to local qualified service companies and construction crews

Project Development

  • Market research to find available equipment
  • Process configuration defined accordingly
  • Embedded process scheme allows future expansions to handle production growth and expected produced water surge due to reservoir characteristics.
  • Provided onsite support during construction to overcome and solve on the fly any problems derived from departure from project plans and/or engineering changes
  • Rapidly readjust project due to late arrival of equipment


  • Flexible, robust, and environmentally compliant process configuration allowed the operator to fulfill the production objectives in a limited time frame.
  • Scalable facilities provided the capability to deal with increased future production rates.
  • Modular equipment allowed reducing field assembly jobs to the minimum.
  • Take-Away: Despite all the project constraints, it was possible to accomplish the objectives with a fully compliant facility based on available equipment in the market

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